Monday, February 10, 2020

Population & migration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Population & migration - Essay Example Population increase/explosion in developing countries contributes to problems such as malnutrition and poverty but does not have much negative effects in developed countries as they are well endowed with several resources. On the other hand, population decrease in developing countries can be seen as a blessing as it would boost the capacity of available limited resources and opportunities to cater for the needs of the population, but in highly industrialized countries it will be seen as a curse because of shrinking available workforce. This paper investigates problems of population explosion in India suggesting ways that can be used to control it. According to Webster’s dictionary, population is defined as the whole number of inhabitants or people in a given country whereas population explosion is pyramiding of numbers of a natural population. Population change is mainly influenced by death rate, birth rate and migration. Increase in birth rate and migration increase population whereas increase in death rate reduces population. Thus, population is calculated by subtracting a sum of deaths and emigration from a sum of births and immigration. Effects of population growth in India include increased environmental population, increased unemployment and illiteracy levels and increased depletion of resources. Increased environment pollution has resulted from increased establishment of more factories to satisfy the needs of the people in the country. When the fossil fuels are burnt to generate energy required by the increased factories, green house gases such as carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide are emitted into the atmosphere contributing to air pollution and global warming. Also, the factories discharge their industrial wastes into rivers. Equally, the increasing numbers of people exert pressure on the available natural resources; water resources are over-utilized, forest cover

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