Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Art Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 8

Art - Essay Example   Art started before anyone had even recognized it. It was like in the cave man times when things were written on walls and it was passed on by others in the tribe by an example of what others had done or their own interpretation. It started 40000 years ago as a form of people expressing their thoughts. Research shows that artwork began at the same time when human beings advanced in making tools (James, 87). In this case, artwork started as a way of keeping records for future references. It is used to let the current generation know how their culture should be.SurrealismSurrealism is a recent painting style that shows different images together to provide a startling effect. The images are usually illogical with dreamlike standards about them. Such is like the given picture.This is another modern art style where the artist knows that an idea is very important that the artwork itself. In the given picture the conceptual artists believe that it will be completed by the people viewing it.Pop artThis happened as a reaction to expression that happened in 1950s and the British at that time believed it was art that was further taken to the current time. In the case of the given picture, the main reason of the artist is to let the current generation know what happened in the past .This is painting which really looks like a photograph. It is normally influenced by pop art and it is like a reaction to expressionism like the picture given really looks like a photograph.

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