Friday, March 13, 2020

Toni Morrisons Sula essays

Toni Morrison's Sula essays America has always been regarded as the nation of liberty and freedom. Our founding forefathers have shaped the values of our country according to their strong beliefs of free will and independence. To this day, those values still prevail and often inspire our individualistic ways of thinking. In Toni Morrisons novel Sula, two friends must make the imperative decision in life to follow their boundless dreams or to hold onto their roots in their community of the Bottom. Each faces obstacles, joys, as well as consequences for their decisions. Nel Wright, a woman in search of strength and stability, commits to her role as a member of her community. She follows the valued belief of marriage and becomes the loyal and devoted wife to her husband Jude and a loving mother to her three children. However, Nels best friend Sula possesses a complete different outlook on life and frees herself from the constricting beliefs of the community. She leaves town in search of the life she desires bu t most importantly, in search of herself. Their opposing values and judgments eventually tear apart what was once a tightly knitted friendship between the two. The value of freedom versus commitment is portrayed through the choices Sula and Nel make and Morrison leaves us with the question: which of these two women survives in the end? The environment and upbringing of a child builds the foundation for her values and beliefs. Nels mother Helene is a well-respected woman of the Bottom community and an incredible woman who carries the look of sophistication and elegance. She is a woman who w[ins] all social battles with presence and a conviction of the legitimacy of her authority(18). Upon the birth of Nel, Helene rose grandly to the occasion of motherhood(18) and like a piece of fresh clay, she begins to mold Nel into her desired shape. Helenes oppressive neatness(29) and conservatism "...

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